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From the Studio

  Published on Jul 6, 2017    
  A unique artistic perspective from a Vietnam veteran. This artwork has facilitated the uncovering of bits of blocked memories, pieces of the reality that was too harsh to hold onto, to in the 70’s, too difficult to relive fully today With a paintbrush as his tool, Johnson allows his subconscious access to his studio and we benefit by these dozens of abstract paintings and assemblage. The images are fragments that interplay with poems, short stories and plays written after 9/11. The written words, rather than explaining the images, point beyond or behind the artwork    
  Published on May 9, 2017  
time 6:41

Eyes & Ears: A Continuous Shape

Providing the foundation of their creative partnership aptly monikered Eyes & Ears, Jack Webber and Tommaso Di Paola’s series of portrait documentaries seek to convey the diverse passions which drive us as individuals. The pair take DN through the series and the production revelations discovered during the creation of latest instalment A Continuous Shape, which captures the unique character and processes behind the work of contemporary stone carver Anna Rubincam.

Check out the showcase on @directorsnotes 
  Published on Oct 20, 2011  
time 8:41

Noel Hart: Hot Glass Sculptor and Artist


Parrotism - The Australian glass artist discusses his work practice and his passion for parrots.

  Published on Feb 5, 2013  
time 18:33

Kami Kotobi: Interview painter/poet

This video is a compilation of an interview with painter/poet Kami Kotobi and showcases some of his paintings and describes the nature of his recent book "Breathless".

  Uploaded on Oct 17, 2012  
time 12:34

Dale Chihuly: Persians Series

This series of works are visually fascinating with their curious old-world influence and powerful use of color. So well received, these works later contributed to the artist's larger installations, much like the Persian Ceiling at the Oklahoma City Museum of Art or Fiori di Como at the Bellagio Resort -- a 2,000-piece sculpture. This edition is illustrated throughout with handsome full-color images selected by the artist, representing a wide range of these projects. 


  Uploaded on Dec 8, 2010  
time 10:26

John Axton: impressionistic landscapes and abstract oil paintings - Beyond the Gallery

John Axton is featured on this week's episode. He is an oil painter from Santa Fe, New Mexico, who paints impressionistic landscapes and abstract paintings.

[ABOUT] Beyond the Gallery
Experience the world inside artists' studios. Technique, inspiration and motivation -- they're all found in Beyond the Gallery.

  Uploaded on Aug 13, 2010  
time 4:35

Aleta Pippin: Abstract Artist, Discusses Her Love of Abstract Painting

Aleta Pippin shares her love of painting abstract works while demonstrating one of her many techniques to move paint and complete an amazing abstract painting. Whether oils or acrylics, Pippin's process of layering with thin glazes, creates paintings that literally glow.

  Uploaded on Aug 27, 2010  

Sargam Griffin: Contemporary Artist

Sargam Griffin is a German born painter. She has been painting for over 20 years and perfected a technique that is visually expansive, energizing and illuminating. Her home and studio are located in San Francisco's North Bay.
"We Live in Times of Exponential Change.It is significant to me as a painter to capture this important time in my creative process!

I create large contemporary abstract oil paintings, which invoke a direct and exhilarating range of expression.

  Uploaded on Apr 26, 2016  
time 3:20

Levon Biss: Incredible Macro Photography of Microsculpture

In a project dubbed Microsculpture Biss created 3 meter prints from 10mm insects–insects sourced from the second largest collection in Britain, at the Oxford University Museum of Natural History.

As the behind-the-scenes video below details, creating these images was a painstaking, exacting enterprise. Biss used a 36-megapixel Nikon body and a microscope lens attachment with an incredibly shallow depth of field. To get the entire image of the bug properly in focus, he had to shoot thousands of images, varying the focal length by as little as 10 microns with each shot, and composite the final together.

  Uploaded on Nov 26, 2017  
time 5:24

The Monolith

Pioneering NYC artist, Gwyneth Leech, enters a midtown art studio only to find that her skyline view will soon be blocked by the construction of yet another high-rise hotel.

But as the perspective out her window permanently shifts, so does the artist's point of view.

Leech has exhibited her work across the United States and the UK in museums, commercial galleries, public art spaces, and alternative venues. For additional information on the artist, please visit:gwynethleech.com

time 10:02