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  Published on Mar 7, 2016    

Chasing The Light: Making Art Without Sight | Steven Erra

Artist Steven Erra's vision is slowly deteriorating. He didn’t know he had a disease that would take his sight until he was nearly finished with his art degree. But that diagnosis only motivated Erra further. These days, he works with The Seeing With Photography Collective, a group of sight-impaired artists who specialize in “light painting.”


  Published on Jun 30, 2016  
time 2:20

Dream Touch Believe


Explore the extraordinary life and creative work of Michael Naranjo. On a journey of extreme highs and lows, Naranjo fought life's toughest challenges to succeed in his dream of becoming a sculptor. Alongside his wife and business partner Laurie, the pair demonstrate that love and determination conquer all. They remind us about the importance of dreaming and achieving life’s goals regardless of life’s circumstances or challenges. This short film offers a preview of what will ultimately be a full feature length piece. For more info visit www.DreamTouchBelieve.com

  Published on Jun 27, 2009  
time 4:46


Obscura |  Damon Stea

A short documentary about blind photographers, their art and their life. Photographers Kurt Weston, Bruce Hall, and Pete Eckert have one thing in common: they are blind. Their photos are a testament to the transformative power of art.

Through my limited time with these amazing artists, I came to understand my own art in a brand new way--I was desperate to show in a moving image the same depth and beauty contained in each of their photos

  Published on Mar 1, 2011  
time 7:57

Blind artist paints with imagination | CBS

As part of our continuing series "American Spirit," Don Teague profiles John Bramblitt, a blind artist who uses his imagination to transform canvases.

  Published on Oct 26, 2014  
time 2:29

Blind painter Sargy Mann: Painting with inner vision | BBC News

Sargy Mann has been painting all of his professional life, first as a teacher and later as a professional artist. In his mid-30s he developed cataracts on both eyes, eventually leading to total blindness. He continued to paint.Twenty-five years later, Sargy's work is highly sought-after by collectors with paintings regularly selling for upward of £50,000 (US$80,000). He spoke to BBC News about his life and gave an insight into how he continues to work.

  Published on Jul 2,2013  
time 4:29

Pete Eckert - Dancing on The Edge of Perception

The blind photographer explains the improbability of his vocation and how the eye is not always the most important thing in taking a picture. More on http://www.theavantgardediaries.com

time 4:29

Backstage 360: Episode Nine Block One | Bruce Hall


Feature on blind photographer Bruce Hall, and his new book on parenting autistic twin boys.

time 8:48