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  Published on Dec 5, 2013    

Creativity and Innovation

NotSean Louel

What is Creativity? What is Innovation?

  Published on Jun 14, 2011  
time 1:56

Shea Hembrey: How I became 100 artists | Ted Talk

How do you stage an international art show with work from 100 different artists? If you're Shea Hembrey, you invent all of the artists and artwork yourself -- from large-scale outdoor installations to tiny paintings drawn with a single-haired brush. Watch this funny, mind-bending talk to see the explosion of creativity and diversity of skills a single artist is capable of.

  Published on Apr 4, 2013  
time 16:49

Gregg Fraley: Creativity and Imagination | Ted Talk

Gregg Fraley is an American writer, speaker, and consultant in the area of innovation and commercial creativity. He was named a Distinguished Leader by the Creative Education Foundation.

  Published on Apr 1, 2014  
time 19:27

Inspirational - Make Good Art

Tommy Plesky

I produced, edited and (for parts) filmed this video in order to inspire the "artists", the creative, the adventurers, the people who do what they really enjoy doing (and for those who don't, to keep searching), the creators ... the "crazy" ones. To all the people who challenge the "status quo" in which society is based nowadays. And most important, to motivate those who follow their passions no matter what.


  Published on Dec 11, 2013  
time 4:32

Jonathan Tilley: What creativity is trying to tell you | Ted Talk

The creative process is as individual as it is universal. And yet there is a secret that creativity itself is yearning to tell us. Since the age of 9, Jonathan has performed as a singer, dancer, actor, and gone on to other creative ventures such as a playwright, director, choreographer, author, and voice over artist. Many different titles, one common thread: Creativity. He shares pivotal life experiences that define creativity for him and shows how you can tap into your own creativity on a daily basis, in whatever space and time you have.

  Published on Aug 1, 2012  
time 17:37
  Tina Seelig: A crash course in creativity | Ted Talk    
  Published on Sept 2015  
time 18:15

Tim Harford: How messy problems can inspire creativity | Ted Talk

Challenges and problems can derail your creative process ... or they can make you more creative than ever. In the surprising story behind the best-selling solo piano album of all time, Tim Harford may just convince you of the advantages of having to work with a little mess.

time 15:32