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  Published on Jul 6, 2017    

Fragments: An Archaeology of Memory

A unique artistic perspective from a Vietnam veteran. This artwork has facilitated the uncovering of bits of blocked memories, pieces of the reality that was too harsh to hold onto, to in the 70’s, too difficult to relive fully today With a paintbrush as his tool, Johnson allows his subconscious access to his studio and we benefit by these dozens of abstract paintings and assemblage. The images are fragments that interplay with poems, short stories and plays written after 9/11. The written words, rather than explaining the images, point beyond or behind the artwork.

  Published on Aug 22, 2016  
time 6:41

Bill Catling: Two Rooms

Bill Catling talks about his work at Riverside Community College Art Gallery on April 30th 2016. The art work "Two Rooms" makes reference to his relationship with his dad.

  Published on Mar 4, 2016  
time 5:40

Why we Need Art

There is no life without Art with interviews  by:

Dr. Greg Zerovnik |marketing executive
William Catling | artist & educator
Andrée Mendenhall Mahoney | artist & educator
Dr. Mandi Batalo | photographer & educator
Cindi Zech Rhodes |art curator
Kendal Johnson | artist & photographer
  Published on Dec 5, 2014    

This video explores the reason the Inland Empire Museum of Art is needed with interviews  by:

William Catling |  artist & educator
Dr. Mandi Batalo  |  photographer & educator
Kendal Johnson  |  artist & photographer
Claudia Lennear  |  singer & educator
Jacob Wilson | photographer & bookmaker
Laurie Morrison | writer
Allie Saenz  | student
Cindi Zech Rhodes  |art curator
Richard Martinez  |artist
Luz Maria Perez |artist
Keith Klingonsmith | artist
Dr. Greg Zerovnik |marketing executive
time 4:41
Published on Jun 9, 2015

The Inland Empire Museum of Art (IEMA) needs a home. While the museum continues to search for funding and a location, it showcases its collection in the form of temporary events.

KVCR NOW visited the IEMA Exhibit at the Pomona fair grounds.

time 3:01
Published on Jun 29, 2013

This video is an introduction to Inland Empire Museum of Art. IEMA is a new art museum being formed is to foster and to promote the study, appreciation and understanding of art through exhibits, education and publications in the Inland Empire area of Southern California.

time 1:43